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Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap

Pret Tortilla Wrap + Falafel + Halloumi + Grilled Aubergine + Fruity Chutney + Harissa Cr{E8}me Fraiche + Tomatoes + Oregano

Pret Moroccan falafel balls are baked (never fried) and made from an exotic mix of chickpeas, red peppers, apricots, dates, herbs and spices. We add freshly grilled aubergine slices and firm textured haloumi cheese. But it’s the creamy harissa dressing, created from rose petals, ground chilli and cumin that captures the magical flavour of Morocco.

Click here for a more detailed nutritional breakdown EAT WITH YOUR HEAD Suitable for vegetarians  {B7}
Where has all the information gone?

Our allergen and nutritional information has been temporarily removed whilst we update it to meet new food information regulations. Rest assured the information will be back soon, but please refer to our ALLERGEN GUIDE or Pret mobile website in the meantime.